About March For Life New York, Inc.

The Remnant Awakening was birthed during a prayer meeting at Grace & Truth Church. Its purpose was to take a stand for the Word of God, and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a Nation that has fallen away from the truth of God’s Word.

The Remnant Awakening desires to hold fast to their freedom as Americans to live their Christian faith without obstruction from the Government or any other institution that would try to take away that freedom.

To actively be involved in overturning the ungodly law of Roe v Wade, and to put an end to the horrific evil of abortion.
To proclaim and maintain the sanctity of marriage as between 1 man and 1 woman.

To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ with love, mercy, and grace. To be compassionate, but strong, in our defense of the gospel, and to be a light in the darkness of a Nation given over to the things of this world.

The founding members of the Remnant Awakening are:
Pastor Jim Lupis
Pastor Joni Lupis
Reverend James Nemley

Andrew White
Ken Auerbach
Patricia Serrante
Nancy Serrante
Patricia Nicholas
Joseph Cipriano
Rachel Cipriano
Jackie Carey
Jean Marie Prince

In January 2016, Pastors Jim and Joni Lupis, and other members of Remnant, were on their way to Washington D.C. for the March for Life — their cars were packed and their hotel rooms were booked. The night before they left, Pastor Joni got a message from a pro-lifer who was to speak in Washington at the March. She told her not to come because a huge snow was taking over Washington and many who were already there were leaving the area. The group was so disappointed. Many who were going by bus, told Pastor Lupis the buses were canceled. They were all disappointed. Pastor Joni began to pray and the Lord answered her and told her to have a March For Life New York. On January 24, 2016 Pastor Joni began to work day and night, and on April 30, 2016, we had our first March for Life New York!!!

The Founders of March For Life New York and MFLNY Radio are:

Pastor Joni Lupis-President/Founder
VP -Andy White
VP -James Nemley
Secretary/ Treasurer Pastor Jim Lupis

Pastor Joni Lupis
Pastor Jim Lupis
Rev. James Nemley

Producer-Rachel Cipriano
Camera man -Joe Cipriano

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