To all of our Pro-Life Friends

We thank you for all the work you do to defend the lives of the unborn. Just as E. A. Bucchianeri said, “Abortion should be listed as a weapon of mass destruction against the voiceless.” We at March For Life New York have prayerfully set the following goals:

1.     To teach the masses about the crime of killing unborn babies!

2.     To introduce the world to the awesome organizations that the Lord has raised up to enter into the battle!

3.     To create a large coalition of like-minded Pro-Lifers to end abortion. Roe must go!!!   

This is how we approached number 1. We have created the radio program, “March For Life New York Radio,” to help educate the world of the horrors of abortion. The show can be found at,

This is how we approached number 2. Many of you have appeared on our radio show and have made the world aware of what’s going on with abortion and how your organization is battling on the front. We truly appreciate what you do and we want the global Pro-Life movement to support you. To that end we have simulcasted our radio show to enlarge our reach. This can be found at,

This is how we approached number 3. For us to create a large coalition of Pro-Lifers we require your help. We’re asking you to reach out to your constituents and let them know about our radio show, March For Life New York Radio,, and ask them to go to the link and follow the show. We would also like for them to follow our simulcast, We are also asking you to have them go to our website, to see how they can get involved.

Finally, we truly want to promote your programs and activities throughout our medium. If you would like for us to announce an event that your organization is sponsoring e-mail us at no later than 5 days before our Monday air dates. Make sure you include all your contact info as well as your website address.  

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